Opera Browser MOD APK 64.2.3282.60128 (No Ads, Latest)

App NameOpera Browser
Size69.8 MB
Latest Version64.2.3282.60128
MOD FeaturesAd-Free
Requirements7.0 and up
Available at Google Play
UpdateAugust 3, 2021 (2 months ago)
Download (69.8 MB)
  • Thanks for choosing Opera! This version introduces full Chromebook support, filtering support in the download manager, and crypto wallet improvements.
More changes:
  • Chromium 91
  • CELO and DAI crypto support
  • Improved camera/microphone dialog
  • Native Yat address support
  • Chromebook only: Messenger integration (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.)

Latest update:

  • Fixed a Chromium security issue
  • cleaned up from ads
  • unlinked from services
  • removed audience_network.dex and dependency on it
  • removed superuser search in first dex
  • languages, en, be, es, fr, ru, uk
  • trusts user certificates, for https filtering
  • changed user agent, Chrome 91
  • update disabled
  • removed libraries of crushers and crushers cut out in the manifest
  • VPN unblocked

Opera Browser MOD APK is a fast, secure, and feature-rich mobile browser. You can download and install it on your Android device to enjoy the best browsing experience.

Opera Browser: Faster & safer

Opera Browser’s mobile version was quickly created to cater to the growing popularity of smartphones. Opera has been through many updates over the years with powerful features. Opera Browser now integrates VPN technology. It is safer and faster. Let’s take an in-depth look at Opera Browser’s latest feature following the upgrade.

You can block ads and surf the internet super-fast

Mobile users have a lot of problems with ads. They appear everywhere, anytime. Opera Browser is the web browser that does what everyone wants: ad blocking to make browsing easier and faster. Just select Menu and enable Ads Blocking. You’re done!

Opera Browser is built on Java platform and uses data compression technology. This makes web loading times faster, according to what I read from the websites. Opera Browser is currently the fastest browser. It loads 72% faster than Google Chrome, and 64% faster than UC Browser on mobile platforms. It also offers an ad blocking option, which helps it stand out from other browsers.

Opera Browser MOD APK





Unlimited and free VPN

If you don’t know what a VPN is, it’s a type of networking technology that provides secure connections for public networks. Opera Browser now has VPN integration, which gives users a secure, fast, and safe web environment.

sync data across multiple devices

Opera Browser can also be installed on tablets and smartphones. All devices will automatically synchronize and have the same database in Opera Browser.

We can now access our bookmarked websites from any device and receive the same updated results. The history, cookies, as well as passwords, are all synchronized. This is a great time-saving tool for users who browse the internet regularly.

Video viewing speed and downloading speed are lightning fast

Opera Browser MOD APK is now available. You can download and view videos at lightning speed. Simply select the video, then press the download button. Opera Browser provides a file downloading manager to make it easy and convenient for users to manage all the files. You can also share files via other channels, modify the file name or delete it.

VPN is not enough. Opera Browser also offers private browsing.

You don’t want your browsing history and other information to be revealed when surfing the web. Opera Browser has an option that lets you browse the internet in private mode with greater personal security. Opera Browser doesn’t save your browsing history, cookies, or any other trace of your browsing when you are in this mode.

Protect the eyes of the user

This is the result of night browsing. This is the result of night browsing. The stark contrast between the blue light from a phone and dark can cause severe damage to the eyes.

Although I don’t recommend this, it is a good idea to use Opera Browser’s night mode if you need to work at night. Opera Browser will minimize contrast and light intensity when browsing web browsers. This will protect your eyes from fatigue, and ensure more safety for eye excretion. The best protection is achieved by combining this feature with the brightness adjust on the phone.

Data savings

Web browsers always consume large amounts of data. If you have multiple tabs open at once, your phone could freeze and force you to restart. To erase data from the device, you will need to go into the system settings. Opera Browser is a great alternative to worrying about this.

Opera Browser also has an exclusive compression technology that can reduce internet data up to 3.5x compared with Chrome, and half the amount of UC Browser. This is a huge advantage in these times when there is so much information.

Opera Browser MOD APK version

MOD features

  • No advertisements
  • VPN Unlocked

Opera Browser’s new update includes special features. Opera Browser also retains many of the features that made it famous, including automatic password saving, automatic browsing history storage to allow you to browse quickly, AI automatically tracks and suggests sites for later browsing, copy, share and save links via social networks and scan barcodes.

Download Opera Browser MOD APK 64.2.3282.60128 (No Ads, Latest)

Download (69.8 MB)

You are now ready to download Opera Browser for free.

  • Note: If you really like the app then buy it to support the developers.

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