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Puffin Browser Pro is the premium version of Puffin Web Browser. Once users switch to Puffin, they won’t want to go back to using other browsers. With increasing levels of digital threats online, Puffin provides protection against phishing and more.
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CloudMosa Inc
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October 17, 2021
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Puffin Browser Pro APK costs $ 4.99 on Google Play. You might also consider downloading it free from APKHUGE.

About Puffin Browser Pro APK

Puffin Browser Pro may not be as good as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but it is a decent web browser. This is an excellent web browser. It is faster than Chrome and other web browsers and offers exceptional data processing and loading speeds. Puffin Browser Pro, CloudMosa’s top cloud technology makes it the default web browser on your Android phone.

Puffin Browser Pro, a paid web browser is available for $ 4.99 from Google Play. This browser is used by hundreds of millions, and tens of thousands of people who pay for the paid version. Why do people choose Puffin Browser Pro? The article below will show you some of the outstanding features.

The web browser at lightning speed

CloudMosa Inc is a US-based technology company that developed Puffin Browser Pro. Shioupyn Shen is the owner of this company. The cloud-coding technology was tested for Puffin web browser development. It is amazing. Puffin browser loads pages faster than other browsers and loads media files and Javascript quicker than regular browsers. The only thing is that browsing uses the user’s IP. Some websites consider you a proxy server.

Puffin Browser Pro is a better alternative to Chrome, which complaints about web browsers taking up too much RAM.

Puffin Browser Pro APK

Hackers can steal your data

We sometimes choose to work in cafes, so we can change our workspaces. To browse the internet and send data, you must use public WiFi spots. Hackers have a great opportunity to steal your data because the security of public wifi spots is not very tight. Puffin Browser Pro will take all your worries away. This web browser encrypts all data before it is sent to the cloud.

The anonymous web browsing tab creates a session that the app uses to track you. This session will be removed as soon as the app is closed or disconnected from the internet. You can be sure that your device has not been stolen by hackers and malware.

When browsing the internet, save bandwidth

Puffin Browser Pro saves data in the cloud and makes browsing the internet 90% cheaper than regular browsers. The browser uses more bandwidth if you view live streams or videos. It’s sufficient for Puffin Browser Pro to provide essential entertainment such as listening to music, reading newspapers and surfing social networks.

Data saving mode allows you to set parameters about videos and photos to make the browser load quicker and more economically. This mode works regardless of whether you connect via WiFi. You can disable the bandwidth saving feature in the settings if you don’t want it.

Trackpad and gamepad support

Puffin Browser Pro supports Adobe Flash. However, it was removed this year due to security concerns. The browser supports Gamepad and virtual Trackpad which allow you to play Flash games on Android phones smoothly. The trackpad is a feature of laptops that makes scrolling and browsing easy.

Mode for desktop

You will have a better experience browsing the internet with your computer. Puffin Browser Pro’s Desktop Mode will allow you to browse the internet in Desktop mode, even if your phone is on the move.

Advertising is no longer a problem

Pop-up ads, video ads and many other ads can be annoying on websites. Puffin Browser Pro blocks all ads in your browser, so you don’t have to search for them like Chrome.

Puffin Browser Pro APK Download

Puffin Browser Pro APK has some features

  • Fast page loading speed
  • Theater Mode for Flash games and videos
  • Javascript available for download fast
  • Modes of browsing on the desktop and mobile
  • Blocking ads
  • Keyboard and virtual touchpad
  • When you use anonymous web browsing, all session history and cookies are automatically deleted

Puffin Browser Pro is a great web browser that deserves to be your default on Android. It offers a great user experience and performance. This browser was developed by top experts from Microsoft and Google. They are constantly working to improve it to make it the best web browser.

What's new

  • Thanks for using Puffin.
  • In this release (, we fixed several reported issues.

MOD Information

  • Premium Features (Unlocked)
  • Ads (disabled)
  • All ads links (removed)
  • Most of Analytics (disabled)
  • CPUs (Universal)
  • AOSP Compatible (No Google)
  • All debug Info (removed)
  • Original Signature (Changed)