App NameWaze
CategoryMaps & Navigation
Size92.2 MB
Latest Version4.78.0.2
MOD FeaturesMany
Requirements5.0 and up
Available at Google Play
UpdateOctober 7, 2021 (2 weeks ago)
Download (92.2 MB)
  • Saving time & avoiding traffic is even easier with this update:
  • Fixed a bug so the posted speed limit remains visible while driving
Decensored Waze version with the following improvements compared to the official version:
  • display of the exact location of fixed or mobile speed cameras.
  • enlarged speed limit sign for more readability
  • Radar sound alert whatever the speed (only in case of speeding with the official version)
  • personalized card skin with black background to save battery and improve readability
  • Choice of new voices compared to the official version
  • Vanessa (unmodified),
  • Morgan (Cars voice is pretty cool), if you prefer Morgan's real voice, delete the folder in waze / sound / french
  • Svenska (French voice, sound boosted),
  • Srpski (star wars voice the 1st voice after the English voices).
  • transparent gray signal button (instead of a solid orange circle in the official version) for more map readability and to avoid the "burn" effect on the AMOLED screen
  • possibility to report bad or no limitation by clicking on the speedometer then choose "report" (option absent in official version)
  • announcement distance of the modified controls compared to the official version:
  • highway at 1500 m
  • Fast lanes at 1200 m
  • Roads at 1000 m
  • NB; distance configurable in the "Preferences" file by adjusting these 2 lines:
  • Alerts.Alert Distanc_: 1000
  • Alerts.Police Alert Distac_: 1000
  • Speed ​​camera warnings have been officially banned in France since January 2012, their use is punishable by a fine of 1,500 euros and a withdrawal of 6 points on the driving license.
  • By installing this version, you remain responsible for its use.
  • Namely in France according to the law still in force to this day: The police do not have the right to search your smartphone.

Waze MOD APK will keep you informed about what’s going on in your area. Waze will tell you in real-time about traffic, constructions, police, and crashes. Waze can help you save time by changing traffic conditions along your route.

Introduce Waze MOD APK

Android now has a powerful social network that attracts great traffic and offers strong directions from Google VOV.

Waze is unique and different from the dozens of other GPS apps available

Have you ever listened to the VOV traffic channel? It has been a lifesaver for me on long car rides. This is a lifesaver for drivers who travel on the roads. It is difficult to read the information on your phone or to see the individual points one by one while driving. It would be amazing if there was a navigation app as intuitive and clear as VOV.

At least, Waze is the only app capable of doing this.


Waze has enabled users to move from passive to active participation in a mutually beneficial way by using open source.

Waze is a Google product, so it has all the Google features and a large database of maps, roads, and directions. Open ability is one of the key factors that connects Waze users. The process of editing, commenting, and adding information to the application will allow it to improve and update.

Waze’s core and most important motivation for development are its users. Waze’s development is stimulated by users being included in the “active builder” role. This creates a lasting relationship between users and the app.

Waze MOD APK is today’s largest traffic social network.

It’s not enough. To get as many people as possible to sign up, use the app, or subscribe, it needs a special push. This was the basis for Waze’s “make it different” philosophy. Then they devised a risky, but better-than-expected plan: social networking was to be integrated into the application.

Waze is different than other GPS apps in that you can interact with the traffic situation and notify it directly via a VOV channel. Waze allows you to instantly join a social network dedicated to traffic on the roads. You can create a new Facebook account or use an existing Facebook account to post status, live comments, like, comment and block.

This allows users to stay on the road with the most current, multi-dimensional information, even the major events that could affect traffic congestion, such as collisions or car accidents.

It is important to keep core value high and do it exceptionally well

Waze, despite all the above, is still a GPS navigation app. Waze offers the following valuable insights, in addition to similar apps:

  • Google maps offer detailed maps for all roads. Waze provides exact details that are identical to what you see on Google maps.
  • AR Navigation Features: You just need to enter your destination address and follow these instructions.
  • The voice is soft, gentle, and easy to hear. It’s not too slow or too fast, but it’s not interrupted.
  • You can also report the speed by using the feature.

Waze’s interface is simple, easy-to-use, and understandable. Waze’s traffic social network operation is designed to be as quick and efficient as possible. Google, which has only one modern navigation app, has done a remarkable job connecting users and enriching its rich database.

Waze is constantly updated with new features and trends to help users communicate on social networks more easily and more fun. Waze allows you to get information, but also more inspiration and energy through the sharing, exchanging, and updating of information.

Let’s get Waze MOD APK and see how powerful it is.

Download Waze MOD APK

Download (92.2 MB)

You are now ready to download Waze for free.

  • Note: If you really like the app then buy it to support the developers.

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